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Enacting An Integral Planet

Over the last decade Integral Theory has been applied successfully in at least 50 disciplines (e.g., ecology, medicine, psychotherapy, economics, art, education, international development). The resulting integral fields are all characterized by their ability to include more of reality than their non-integral counterparts. By including more of reality these approaches do much to help alleviate the suffering associated with fragmented and reductionistic approaches so common in our postmodern era.

There are academic programs, journals, book series, symposiums, and conferences devoted to Integral Theory and its subfields (e.g., Integral Ecology, Integral Education…). Integral Theory is a growing and flourishing field of discourse and application. This is particularly exciting given the ever-increasing need for more sophisticated meta-frameworks that can pragmatically address the complex issues now facing humanity.

Integral Theory is old enough to take seriously but still young enough to develop considerably. For example, to date, no individual or organization has systematically identified best practices across any of the 1000s of examples of applied Integral Theory. Such an effort would have a profound impact on enacting an integral planet. This is what MetaIntegral is committed to: learning from the current successes of applying Integral Theory and further developing and expanding those efforts in such a way as to have a major impact on the evolution of consciousness, the trajectory of integrated globalization, and planetary well-being for the 21st-century and beyond.

A Global Integral Applications Company

MetaIntegral is the global leader in applying Integral Theory and integrative principles in an embodied way to today’s problems—with an eye towards building long-term solutions and capacities for a more integral planet. MetaIntegral is simply the premiere source for professional applications of Integral Theory around the planet. MetaIntegral is sophisticated and rigorous. We answer two important questions that most people ask when they first learn about and get excited by Integral Theory: How do you embody it? And how do you apply it? In fact, MetaIntegral emphasizes an “embodiment-in-application” approach where there is equal attention placed on the intention or awareness associated with an action or task: an equal dedication to consciousness and behavior; interiors and exteriors.

In addition to its own groundbreaking applications of Integral Theory, MetaIntegral is a global platform to celebrate the success of other integral applications. This is why we have created a “Solutions” page on each of the websites: Mi Academy, Mi Associates, and Mi Foundation. On these pages we will be providing in-depth examination of the most inspiring and impactful examples of integral action. The goal of these case studies is to provide integral scholar-practitioners with concrete details about successful applications of Integral Theory that can assist them in their own efforts. All told, MetaIntegral will produce as well as showcase some of the most exciting and important integral case studies and integrative solutions in dozens of areas over the next 10, 100, and 1000 years.