Volume 8, Numbers 1&2

Volume 8, Numbers 1&2
Integral Business
By Journal of Integral Theory and Practice
This special issue showcases a wide range of content that includes case studies, field reports, original research, and innovative models of doing business. Natura, Brazil's leading cosmetics company, played an important role in supporting the publication of the issue.
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Published: 06-01-2013
Length: 190 Pages
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Editorial Introduction

– Sean Esbjörn-Hargens and Marcelo Cardoso



An Integrated System for Organizational Transformation

– Dean Anderson


Demystifying the Future of Investing, Part 1: An Investor’s Perspective

– Mariana Bozesan


Demystifying the Future of Investing, Part 2: An Evolutionary Approach

– Mariana Bozesan


Integrating Management Theory: Using the AQAL Model for Multiparadigm Management Research

– Marco Antonio Robledo


Transformational Change and Stages of Development in the Workplace: A Heuristic Inquiry

– Alex Howard and Karim Hirani


The Organizational Power Matrix: Toward a Metapraxis of Power

– Cecile Green


Process Innovation in the Netherlands: Using Pattern Language for Complex Sustainable

Development Projects

– Michiel Doorn, Sven Stimac, and Wouter Schik


The Integral Management Meta-model: A Management Model for Second-tier Organizations

– Marcelo Cardoso and Ricardo Ferrer


Development of an Educational Architecture Based on the Integral Model

– Andrea Vernacci



Integrating Money and Meaning: The Role of Purpose and Profit in Integral Business

– Brian Whetten


Holarchies and Technology Evolvability

– Brad Richardson


Book Review

The Opposable Mind: Winning through Integrative Thinking, by Roger Martin

– Jordan Luftig


Conference Report

The Integral Week at Natura Cosmetics

– Helder Kamei, Patrícia Tobo, Gilson Paulo Manfio, and Claudia Negrão Pellegrino