Volume 7, Number 4: December 2012

Volume 7, Number 4: December 2012
By Journal of Integral Theory and Practice
Nearly a third of this issue is devoted to the opening article by Paul Marshall and a personal exchange Marshall had with Roy Bhaskar, the founder of Critical Realism. Following the Marshall and Bhaskar pieces is a commentary by Ken Wilber. This commentary, which is reprinted in a slightly altered form from a posting on the Integral Life website, is the first article Wilber has published in JITP since our inaugural issue.
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Published: 12-01-2012
Length: 133 Pages
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Executive Editor’s Introduction
– Sean Esbjörn-Hargens

Toward an Integral Realism, Part 1: An Overview of Transcendental Realist Ontology 
– Paul Marshall
Ken Wilber on Critical Realism
– Paul Marshall
Considerations on "Ken Wilber on Critical Realism"
– Roy Bhaskar
In Defense of Integral Theory: A Response to Critical Realism
– Ken Wilber
The Birth of Integral Sports: Insight into Coaching Parents in Sports
– Nuno F. Matos, John Thompson, and Sean Wilkinson
Walt Whitman’s Vision for a New Person and a New Democracy
– Neil Richardson
Framing Integral Leadership in the Medical Cannibis Community
– Regina Nelson
Crafting a Cultural Latticework: Weaving Triadic Micro-Communities for Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders 
– Mikyö Clark
Reflections on Two Research Communities: Comparing the “Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference” and “Integral Theory Conference” Research Communities
– David M. Zeitler, Amanda L. Haboush, and Timothy Cox