Volume 6, Number 1: March 2011

Volume 6, Number 1: March 2011
Unique Self
By Journal of Integral Theory and Practice
This is the first in a series of special issues devoted to Integral Spirituality. This issue focuses on the conception of the Unique Self as developed by Dr. Marc Gafni. Unique Self represents a truly worldcentric and planetcentric mysticism that provides a powerful way of integrating the enlightenment traditions of the pre-modern East and the modern West.
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Published: 03-01-2011
Length: 204 Pages
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The JITP series on Integral Spirituality was conceived to provide a scholarly grounding for the emergent field of religious studies via the Integral framework. Issues published in the series will serve as a link between the annual Integral Spiritual Experience event and the biennial Integral Theory Conference by inspiring practitioners to write about and then present on integral approaches to religious studies (e.g., theology, enlightenment, soteriology, post-metaphysics). This issue, the opening salvo in a series that continues with a special issue on Integral Religious Studies, offers more than 200 pages of content devoted to spirituality.