Volume 3, Number 2: June 2008

Volume 3, Number 2: June 2008
Integral Research, Part 2
By Journal of Integral Theory and Practice
Part 2 of the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice's first special issue devoted to Integral Research.
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Published: 06-01-2008
Length: 207 Pages
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Editorial Introduction

Sean Esbjörn-Hargens



Integrally Researching the Integral Researcher: A First-Person Exploration of Psychosophy’s Holding Loving Space Practice.

Nicholas Hedlund

Case Studies in Integral Approaches in International Development: An Integral Research Project.

Gail Hochachka

An Integral Approach to the Buffett Phenomenon: A Proposed Mixed Methods Study.

Edward Kelly

Coding Gender: Using IMP to Construct a Content Analysis of Gender Definitions in Scientific Research.

Jeff Cohen

Integral Research as a Practical Mixed-Methods Framework: Clarifying the Role of Integral Methodological Pluralism.

Jeffery A. Martin

Where Is the Method to Our Integral Madness? An Outline for an Integral Meta-Studies.

Mark Edwards



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