2014 Grantees

By: Jordan Luftig

We're thrilled to announce the new—and first-ever—grantees of MetaIntegral Foundation!

Our plans to create a grantmaking program began in 2012, with the launch of the Foundation and the grassroots “Power of WE” fundraising campaign. From July to December 2012, the campaign raised $20K for grant awards from 189 donors.
In 2013, thanks to the generosity of these donors, we issued a call for grant proposals from the integral community and all interested parties. By January 2014 we had received 60 applicants, which the Selection Committee subsequently narrowed to 11 finalists.
We presented these 11 finalists to the integral community and invited you to support them—and vote for your favorite projects—during the month of April. This second phase of the “Power of WE” campaign was a huge success. In 30 days we raised $32K for grant awards from 124 donors. Among eligible voters, 141 cast a vote. 
The votes were factored strongly by the Selection Committee along with other selection criteria. With $52K to award, we are pleased to share that we were able to fund every one of the top five projects as voted by you (voters were asked to rank their top five projects). In fact, we are thrilled to announce that we are awarding grants to eight projects!   
We came away from this process totally inspired. Inspired by the work being done by these integral practitioners. Inspired by all of the donors, voters, staff and board members, and countless other supporters that have come together and breathed life into the Foundation’s grantmaking program. Here are the 2014 grantees:

  • Beyond Generosity: The Action Logics in Philanthropy (Jennifer Jones)
  • The Citizens' Initiative Review (Healthy Democracy)
  • Exploratory Research on Automated Text Analysis for Assessing Group Developmental Level (Tom Murray of Perspegrity Solutions, with Terri O'Fallon)
  • Integral Life Practice Prison Project (Cindy Lou Golin)
  • Integral Nepal Project (Sushant Shrestha and Gail Hochachka)
  • Integrally-Informed Leadership Development in Homeless Services (National Center for Excellence in Homeless Services)
  • Recreating Humanity: A Thought Experiment in the Philosophy of Education (Zak Stein)
  • Wrestling Jerusalem: A Performance and Community Conversation Project (Aaron Davidman Performance Project)

We are proud to inaugurate our role as grantmakers with such a strong and diverse portfolio of grantees. Please join me in congratulating the grantees and wishing them the best as they move forward with their projects!