Volume 8, Numbers 3 & 4

Volume 8, Numbers 3 & 4
Integral Theory Conference
By Journal of Integral Theory and Practice
This issue contains 20 presentations from the 2013 Integral Theory Conference. Each article won Best Paper or an Honorable Mention in one of 11 categories.
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Published: 12-01-2013
Length: 335 Pages
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Editorial Introduction

– Sean Esbjorn-Hargens



In Favor of Translation: Researching Perspectival Growth in Organizational Leaders

– Clint Fuhs


A Meta-Model for Types: Patterns, Polarities, and Autopoiesis

– Linda Berens


Enacting an Integral Revolution: How Can We Have Truly Radical Conversations in a Time of Global Crisis?

– Terry Patten


Integral Diversity in Action: Implementing an Integral Diversity Program in a Workplace Environment

– Lakia Green


Integral Evolutionary Recovery: Revisioning the Twelve Steps through a Kosmocentric Lens

– Suzanne Shealy & Linda White


Exploring Inter-Being and Inter-Becoming as Ethos-Making: The Integrally Informed Pursuit of Professional Community Well-being

– Ian Wight


Enlightening Reading: Koan Study for Integral Scholar-Sages

– Michele Chase


The Conception of Integral Sports: An Application of Integral Theory and Practice in Athletics

– Sean Wilkinson, John Thompson, & Alex Tskairis


New Theoretical Synergies for Integral Sustainability Praxis

– Darcy Riddell


Ethics and the New Education: Psychopharmacology, Psychometrics, and the Future of Human Capital

– Zachary Stein


On Social Holons, Ideologies of Interest, and the Kosmopolitan Call of Politics

– Michael Schwartz


The Meaning of Planetary Civilization: Integral Rational Spirituality and the Semiotic Universe

– Tim Winton


Integral Sustainability: Correlating Action Logics with Sustainability to Provide Insight into the Dynamics of Change

– Simon Divecha & Barrett Brown


A Whole Delivery Measure of Comprehensive Social Service Provision

– Heather Larkin


Assumptions Versus Assertions: Separating Hypotheses from Truth in the Integral Community

– Susanne Cook-Greuter


Integral Possibilism: A Tool for Critical Realism and Necessity for an Integral Community

– R. Elliott Ingersoll


Toward a MetaIntegral Philosophy: Mysticism in the Philosophies of Bhaskar, Panikkar, and Wilber

– John O’Neill


Integral Cinematic Analysis: Mapping the Multiple Dimensions of the Cinema and the Co-Evolution of Cinema, Consciousness, Culture, and Society 

– Mark Allan Kaplan


Awareness-in-Action: A Critical Integralism for the Challenges of Our Time

– Daniel J. O’Connor


Critical Realist Integral Methodological Pluralism for Interdisciplinary Research in Agroecology

– Jack H. Buchanan & Douglas J. Reinemann