Announcing: 11 Finalists for a $5K - $10K Project Grant

By: Jordan Luftig

I am very excited to present to you our 11 finalists, selected from a pool of 60 applications, for a $5,000 to $10,000 project grant from MetaIntegral Foundation.

These 11 projects represent a total of $102,204 in funding requests. We believe every one of them is worthy of funding, and yet we have a total of $20,000 to award this year. Donors and members of the Foundation get a vote to help us decide.

Which projects would you fund? - If you could choose only two or three.

While this is a good problem to have, we also believe that it should not preclude you and other friends of the Foundation from participating in an even better solution. You may recall that 200 donors from around the world contributed $20,000 to fund integral projects through the Foundation's "Power of We" campaign in 2012. This was encouraging to us, since our vision for a grantmaking program was in the abstract. At the time we did not have any projects to show prospective donors.

Now that we have these 11 finalists... now that we can present to you these outstanding projects... we are reopening the "Power of We" campaign for the month of April 2014.

As word of our grantmaking program has spread and the projects have started to become a topic of conversation, we've heard stories of people who had no idea these projects existed - now that they knew, they wanted to support the projects!  

We hope this is your sentiment, too. As grantmakers we are committed to partnering with our grantees, and with your generous support we aim to fund as many of these projects as we can. In early April, an announcement will detail how you can donate to the "Power of We" campaign - for the first time or once more - and how all eligible voters will receive a ballot and will be able to select and rank your top 5 projects based on a review of executive summaries of the projects.      

The executive summaries will be made public and essentially everyone who has ever donated to the Foundation or been a member will be eligible to vote. If you already qualify, hopefully you will still be motivated to make a donation in support of these outstanding projects! Once a week in April we will update the total amount raised (starting with $20,000) on our donation page and we will tally the votes at the end of April. In May, we will factor all of this data into our award decisions and announce the projects that are receiving grants!

Without further ado, here are our finalists:

  • Beyond Generosity: The Action Logics in Philanthropy (Jennifer Jones)
  • The Citizens’ Initiative Review (Healthy Democracy)
  • Exploratory Research on Automated Text Analysis for Assessing Group Developmental Level (Perspegrity Solutions)
  • Fighting Against Oil Drilling in Ibiza: Promoting Integral Growth Among Ibiza’s Sustainable Development Leaders (Sandra Benbeniste, Gonzalo Miguez, and Isaac Carreras) 
  • Integral Life Practice Prison Project (Cindy Lou Golin)
  • Integral Nepal Project (Sushant Shrestha and Gail Hochachka)
  • Integrally-Informed Leadership Development in Homeless Services (National Center for Excellence in Homeless Services)
  • The Miracle of We (Integral Cinema Project)
  • Philosophy & Critical Thinking Program in Guatemala (Integral Heart Foundation)
  • Recreating Humanity: A Thought Experiment in the Philosophy of Education (Zak Stein)
  • Wrestling Jerusalem: A Performance and Community Conversation Project (Aaron Davidman Performance Project)

Please join me in congratulating our finalists. And please plan on supporting these projects and helping us decide which ones we will fund by participating in our April campaign.