By: Jordan Luftig

We are pleased to offer this opportunity to apply for a project grant from MetaIntegral Foundation. We encourage you to download our 2014 Grant Guidelines.

This document outlines the integral point of view that guides our priorities and strategies as grantmakers. It also contains an application form and describes the procedure for submitting your grant application. We invite your interest and proposals.

Even if you are not a grantseeker, we invite you to read on. This post enables you to learn more about what we hope to accomplish in our role as grantmakers and it provides an update on the Foundation's activities.  


Our Root Inspiration for Creating a Public Charity
There are many wise and skillful integral practitioners whose projects are underfunded, and whose stories of success (against the odds) and impact are not being told. We have become acutely aware of this funding and storytelling gap through our front row seat to the integral movement, as organizers of the international Integral Theory Conference, publishers of the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, and so on. So we decided to create a public charity that would support people using integral approaches to better the planet. As individuals and as a collective we want to be more relevant and impactful in our communities and in world affairs. To be this, we need more money, more power, more institutional backing. In addition to being a strong community of discourse and practice, we need to become a strong and vibrant philanthropic community.    


"The Power of We" Campaign
During the final six months of 2012 we ran a crowd-funding initiative to raise funds for high-impact integral projects. We targeted members of the global integral community, which is at least 100,000 people strong. We set our fundraising goal at $1M. When it became apparent our goal was inflated, we revised it downward to $250K. That figure was too high, so we lowered our expectations again. Subtracting the percentage of donations that went to core mission support, we raised $20,000 USD, 1/50th of our original target, and in the process we were not so much discouraged as we were proud to have accomplished something special; to our knowledge, we became the world’s first public charity to establish a grantmaking program based on integral principles. We are thrilled to be awarding up to $20,000 in grants and our generous donors made it possible—185 people from 25 countries to be exact. Thank you! We are on our way!


The Long View, From the Horizon
Over time, with your support and participation as donors, grantees, volunteers, and stakeholders of many kinds, MetaIntegral Foundation will gather more and more evidence of the value of integral applications through research and evaluation of project impacts. And we will make the case for integral consciousness in the public sphere. This is a long-term project with the goal of persuading the reallocation of global capital and resources toward integral projects, practitioners, and organizations, enabling a thriving ecosystem for the integral movement, creating the conditions for an integral future.


Building a Vibrant Philanthropic Community
Together we truly are building a strong and vibrant philanthropic community, as one final story will attest. MetaIntegral Foundation decided to make a fundraising appeal to conference goers at ITC 2013. Not knowing what would happen on the evening we made our pitch, it turns out that over 170 people made pledges to the Foundation totaling almost $25,000! And 95% of the money pledged has been converted into donations! Please consider making a tax-deductible gift to MetaIntegral Foundation via our secure donation site, so that we can continue the cycle of giving and fostering the emergence of integral culture.


Spread the Word...
At ITC 2013 we awarded $5,500 in Best Papers and now, with the launch of our grantmaking program, you might say we are poised to award $20,000 for "Best Projects." We want to attract the best proposals (donors to the Power of We campaign will vote on them). So please help us to get the word out. Share this blog post and our 2014 Grant Guidelines with people and organizations who can put this money to good use.


We appreciate your contributions and are fortunate to be on this journey with you!