ITC 2013: Emergence and Reemergence

By: Mark Forman

As many of you are aware, the original two ITC events in 2008 and 2010 were hosted in connection with the Integral Theory program at JFK University. And as many of you also know, the JFK program is now heading towards its final year, a situation which forced a one-year hiatus in our biennial conference schedule. So this year's conference represents something of a reemergence of the event and its central function in furthering the development of the field of Integral academics. It is also a reemergence of the core team of people who organized the first two events - we are deeply committed to the event, greatly enjoy working with each other, and are extremely excited to be back together for another global gathering. Most of all, however, it will be a reemergence of the community of scholars and voices who attended in 2008 and 2010. We expect that many of the leaders in the field of Integral application and theory will attend and contribute again this year.

In other ways, this conference represents a novel and potent emergence. With the conference now under the wings of MetaIntegral Foundation, the event has a new home in an organization with a global, far-reaching, transformative vision. This offers us increased freedom in designing the event as well as much greater potential to effectively disseminate the work that will be presented. This change also comes as the world around us is shifting rapidly in terms of political, economic, and environmental realities - a tremendous amount has happened, inside and outside of Integral, since our last event in 2010. In the coming year, we plan to write further in this blog about world events, changes in the Integral landscape, and how we see them in relationship to the mission of the conference.  
In summary, we are excited to be back and excited to reconnect with many of you. We are committed to seeing ITC continue its mission as a self-sustaining, responsive, and catalyzing force in the field of Integral academics.