Volume 5, Number 3: September 2010

Volume 5, Number 3: September 2010
By Journal of Integral Theory and Practice
The September 2010 issue of the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice.
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Published: 09-01-2010
Length: 209 Pages
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Executive Editor’s Introduction

– Sean Esbjörn-Hargens

Integral Political Economy

– Kevin Bowman

Integral Political Economy Redux: A Critique of Bowman’s

“Integral Political Economy”

– Robert Scott

Integral Political Economy, Rejoinder: A Response to Scott

– Kevin Bowman

The Financial Crisis of 2008–2009: An Integral Political-Economic Analysis

– Kevin Bowman

The Integrated Recovery Model for Addiction Treatment and Recovery

– Guy Pierre du Plessis

Integral Recovery®: An AQAL Approach to Inpatient Alcohol and

Drug Treatment

– John Dupuy and Adam Gorman

Shelter as Container for Healthy Human Development

– Anna Cowen

B.J. Palmer: An Integral Biography

– Simon Senzon

Indistinct Union: An Integral Introduction to Nonduality in Christianity

– Christopher Dierkes

Integral Christ: Exploring the Kosmic Address of the Christ of the Urantia Revelation

– Robert Kezer

Spelling Out Integral Economic Science: The Full-Spectrum Project

– Christian Arnsperger

Full-Spectrum Economics: Toward an Inclusive and Emancipatory Social Science [book review], by Christian Arnsperger

– Bernard Lietaer