Volume 6, Number 2: June 2011

Volume 6, Number 2: June 2011
By Journal of Integral Theory and Practice
This issue contains six peer-reviewed articles and debuts a new kind of section: Critical Responses.
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Published: 06-01-2011
Length: 175 Pages
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In 2008, three prominent scholars edited a special issue of the journal Futures that showcased the application of Integral Theory to futures studies. Two years later, in 2010, a rebuttal issue was published, also in Futures, which directly challenged and even “attacked” the authors and their positions in the 2008 issue for their use of the AQAL model. The Critical Responses section in this issue of JITP provides a response to the authors of the rebuttal issue and serves to contribute to the valuable debate around “integral” both in terms of Integral Theory and the broader field of integral studies.

In addition to the Critical Responses articles, authors explore the field of economics (Bowman); education in both university (McDonald et al.) and primary (Simons) contexts; contemporary dance (Kelly); and the intersection of psychotherapy and Buddhism (Munn). Filling out the issue is Gilles Herrada’s commentary on the “uneasy” relationship between science and the Integral approach. In this provocative piece, Herrada develops a thoughtful critique of how the integral community has and has not engaged with science.