Volume 4, Number 1: March 2009_JITP

Volume 4, Number 1: March 2009_JITP
Integral Coaching
By Journal of Integral Theory and Practice
This issue is devoted entirely to the coaching methods of Integral Coaching Canada (ICC).
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Published: 01-01-2009
Length: 150 Pages
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The first four articles in the issue provide an introduction to Integral Coaching Canada's (ICC) coaching methods, structures, and underpinnings. These articles provide a way to “Look AT” Integral Coaching from the perspective of its founders, Joanne Hunt and Laura Divine. The fifth article is written by John F. Kennedy University graduate Lisa Frost, who conducted an eight-zone analysis of multiple coaching schools. Frost’s article provides a further way to “Look AT” ICC in its whole and parts. The final article in the issue offers a way to “Look AS” the founders of ICC, with insight into Hunt and Divine's personal practices, histories, and how they came to build their Integral Coaching school.