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Integral applications occur in dozens of fields. Here we identify 4 “meta-categories” that we feel are particularly important. In the Case Studies tab you can find examples of all of these.

Human Development

Human development is a mysterious and messy affair. We have very rich traditions of psychological research and spiritual practice that help us make sense of various aspects of human growth and transformation. An integral approach helps us make sense of all of those traditions. An integral approach to human development honors the mystery and the multidimensionality of our own unfolding and serves as a catalyst into freer and fuller expressions of who we are.

Organizational Consulting

Organizational change is dynamic and complicated. We have many valuable theories of change and various forms of analysis that enable us to make sense of the many variables involved with company or community dynamics. An integral approach helps us draw on a wide range of theories and understandings in a coherent way that allows us to see the whole picture and identify pragmatic next steps for moving things in the right direction.


Disciplinary Growth

The growth of disciplines—such as education or ecology or economics—is chaotic and dynamic. The boundaries between them are paradoxically becoming thinner and thicker. There are many cross-, inter-, and even trans-disciplinary approaches that serve to link between and across disciplinary boundaries. An integral approach provides a meta-framework for more effectively understanding and leveraging relationships between disciplines, their methods, and areas of focus.

Planetary Coordination

There are many wicked global issues we now face as humanity enters the 21st century. The process of globalization is filled with disaster and dignity. Currently there are more people, initiatives, and organizations than ever before working on our toughest issues (climate change, alternative energy, human trafficking). An integral approach allows us to better coordinate and align these efforts for deeper and longer-term sustainable impact—what we call integral impact.