Cracklin': An Activity Update

By: Willow Dea

In order to accurately summarize activity in the field of Integral Education as a whole, one would have to have omniscient capacity beyond my merely human perspective. I welcome your additions to this limited update!

It goes without saying that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have long sourced the original integral approach to education, which continues to thrive in places like Auroville. From this rich source of practice many schools have ascribed their pedagogy to integral education.

Harvard University offers a Doctor of Education Leadership degree, bringing the best and the brightest to the leading edge of this frontier.

Of course, California Institute of Integral Studies continues to explore the integral terrain with it’s 17 leading-edge graduate programs, an undergraduate program, public programs and performing arts, and five counseling centers.

JFK University has clearly offered integral education in several domains of practice at a graduate level.

Next Step Integral has facilitated four seminars dedicated solely to the topic of Integral Education from 2007 through 2010.

Experience Integral is building a name for itself in Integral Education, and their site will be up soon to share more on that front.

I’ve had the great pleasure to meet with many educators who have attended the seminars on Whidbey Island and at Mt. Madonna who take their learning back to their schools and infuse a more integral approach into their curriculum.

This June, Jonathan Reams and friends will host a seminar dedicated to Integral Education.

Jedi Training, a transformative integral coaching program for young adults will be piloted in the next few months, and offered in the fall in Austin, TX.

Stay tuned for the details on this!

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