Status of the Field: Just Warming Up

By: Willow Dea

Let’s keep it real. We’re at the beginning of a long, beautiful run. We’re just opening a wider span of inquiry and methodology into the application of an incredibly promising set of practices, principles using an integral frame of reference. Hundreds of educators spanning the globe have re-oriented their daily teaching practices to include an integral sensibility, and in that we can take heart. Real work on the ground has begun, and it’s just the beginning.


Let’s take it in stride. We’ll stop for water and come together to celebrate our successes… and eventually, we’ll cross the finish line. We’ll know it not by the sweat and struggle but by the looks on the children’s faces. By the spaces of flow that we create for a few moments in our classrooms, by the light in our colleague’s eyes when they share a highlight from their week of teaching.


Let’s regard the facts. There is much good work underway. Integral Education is sprouting like fervent weeds all over the planet. As a community of educators, we span from the peaks of South Africa to the plains of India and the coasts of Australia, all the way through Scandinavia, Europe and the States. There is increasing recognition that current traditional approaches to education are insufficient at best, and failing miserably at worst.


Teachers and administrators everywhere are experimenting with new educational strategies and finding that they thirst for a larger orientation, a core vision. A framework that speaks to their intuitive sensibility about what’s possible on a personal and professional level. Well… have we got one for you!


I see these facts as an opportunity for momentous shift. I wholeheartedly welcome your additions to the story line, and look forward to learning much more along the way together about the sheer capability that we wield as a community.

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