Featured Author: Guy du Plessis

By: Lyn Lord

Guy du Plessis is the Clinical Director of Drakenstein Addiction Recovery Center in Wellington, South Africa. He is the developer of the Integrated Recovery Model and Integrated Recovery Therapy, and also is the first to pioneer and implement an integrally informed clinical model within an inpatient addiction treatment clinic. Du Plessis' current article, his third published in JITP, uses Integral Methodological Pluralism (IMP) to elucidate an Integral Model of Addiction.

In the article, Du Plessis explores some of the most prominent models and theories of addiction derived from the sociopsychological and biomedical sciences, and points out how each model’s theory is enacted by a particular methodology as represented by one or more of the eight zones of IMP. His work is a valuable contribution to the growing field of integral approaches to recovery and addiction as well as being a sophisticated usage of IMP that honors and integrates the main etiological perspectives of addiction. In addition, Du Plessis’ methodology provides a template for how other practitioners might go about creating a meta-framework for their own disciplines.

Table of Contents for Volume 7, Number 3
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