Current Issue: Volume 7, Number 4

By: Lyn Lord

Nearly a third of the current issue is devoted to the opening article by Paul Marshall and a personal exchange Marshall had with Roy Bhaskar, the founder of Critical Realism. Marshall gives "a relatively detailed and accessible overview for integral theorists of critical realist ontology, in all its phases." Following the Marshall and Bhaskar pieces is a commentary by Ken Wilber.

This commentary, which is reprinted in a slightly altered form from his posting on the Integral Life website, is the first article Wilber has published in JITP since our inaugural issue. The bulk of the issue is formed by four first-time authors: Nuno Matos and colleagues detail their conception of Integral Sports via their coaching work with parents of athletes; Neil Richardson explores the poetry of Walt Whitman from an integral perspective and makes some bold claims about Whitman's personal practices; Regina Nelson offers a thoughtful piece on the utility of the Integral model when developing community-based organizations (in this case healthcare centers that serve as cannabis dispensaries); and Mikyö Clark explores the possibility of accelerating transformation via a networked leadership platform designed to build healthy mentor relationships. 

In a fitting close to Volume 7, David Zeitler and colleagues review how the integral community (as represented by the Integral Theory Conference) compares with the consciousness research community (as represented by the Toward a Science of Consciousness Conference). This article employs sophisticated data analysis to argue how the integral community can extend its reach and, on a more basic level, thrive in the coming decades.