This issue explores a wide range of topics and initiatives. Peer-reviewed articles focus on developmental assessments for leadership programs; the utility of integral frameworks in supporting graduate students; how to conduct "activist" research; and how consciousness is distributed across populations. Authors also expand research in the fields of sustainability, addiction/recovery, and cognitive psychology.       

This special issue of JITP will explore ways in which Integral Theory may help advance the design of media and information technology, particularly to solve planetary problems and accelerate vertical development. Authors are encouraged to explore a wide range of topics using the AQAL model.

When I first wrote “An Ontology of Climate Change” and began drawing on Roy Bhaskar’s work, in the back of my mind I was saying to myself: “Wouldn’t it be great if Roy and Ken were in dialogue and debate around the status of ontology in Integral Theory?” Fast-forward two years later and voilà...