Edgar Morin is a leading French philosopher who has authored over 40 books and in the process has produced a body of work that is profoundly integrative. Morin’s approach is often called “Complex Thought,” which refers to his ongoing inquiry and exploration of a method of inquiry that is multifaceted enough to not reduce reality, but rather honor and engage its complexity. He is also a founding figure in the context of transdisciplinarity.

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Roy Bhaskar is a leading British philosopher who has authored or edited over 30 books and in the process has produced Critical Realism, a robust philosophical system. Critical Realism has a large secondary literature built around Bhaskar’s corpus, with several book series published by Routledge Press. Critical Realism is known for its powerful critiques of both modern positivist science and postmodern sociology. There is an emphasis on ontology and the emancipatory potential of scientific inquiry.

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ITC has a new venue for our third conference. We are quite excited by this change as we feel it is more convenient and offers more services to our attendees. In addition, it allows us to have the day’s activities and the evening keynote dinners at the same location.