When I first wrote “An Ontology of Climate Change” and began drawing on Roy Bhaskar’s work, in the back of my mind I was saying to myself: “Wouldn’t it be cool if Roy and Ken were in dialogue and debate around the status of ontology in Integral Theory?” Fast-forward two years later and voila - this has finally come to pass. In the most recent issue of the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice (Vol. 7 No.

ITC 2008 Plants a Seed

I first learned of Critical Realism from Mark Edwards during his 2008 ITC presentation, where he said something to the effect that to not know Roy Bhaskar’s work was to risk not being integral. Well, that was all it took for me to order about 10 books from Thank you Mark for introducing me to Critical Realism!

Our vision of Integral Theory is of a metatheory that becomes more integral through the engagement of other integrative metatheories and their proponents. Hence this year’s conference theme of Connecting the Integral Kosmopolitian, where our keynote presenters are two academic giants of integrative and transdisciplinary scholarship: Roy Bhaskar, founder of Critical Realism; and Edgar Morin, founder of Complex Thought.