Update on ITC 2015: Our NEW conference host, partner and location is...

By: Jordan Luftig

On behalf of MetaIntegral Foundation, I'm pleased to announce our new Integral Theory Conference host and partner:

Sonoma State University's Integral Center for Diversity, Vitality & Creativity (affectionately called "The HUB" on campus) is pleased to be the host and partner for the 2015 Integral Theory Conference. The conference will be held in SSU's brand new Student Center (opened in November 2013) with additional evening performances and programs held in the Cooperage, a community building located in SSU's Sauvignon Village Apartments where ITC participants will be housed. Housing, meals, parking, use of the Recreation Center (yoga, basketball, weights, etc), and WIFI access at "one of the country's top 50 most beautiful college campuses" are all included when you register for ITC 2015.

On that note, did you see our announcement explaining why NOW is the best time to get your ticket to ITC 2015. The bottom line is: Why wait to get your ticket when you can get a tax deduction for the full amount, see 90% or more of the ticket proceeds go to supporting worthy integral projects, and simultaneously turbocharge MetaIntegral Foundation's grantmaking program?

May 1, 2014 is the last day to take us up on this special offer. Several of you have, and we are deeply grateful for your synergizing support!

Our thanks to everyone who has participated in the Power of WE campaign at any level and voted for your favorite projects - we've raised an additional $11,400 for grant awards during the month of April and now it looks like we'll be able to fund up to FOUR projects from our 11 finalists!

Being equally passionate about organizing and philanthropy, it's satisfying to see the Foundation leveraging the conference to boost its grantmaking. None of this would be possible without you, and I fully expect to see all of you in July 2015 for the 4th international Integral Theory Conference!



Submitted by keith witt on

Looking forward to presenting at the conference. I'm having trouble registering. Could you please send a little guidance?


Keith Witt kwwitt@cox.net

Submitted by Lisa Celentano on

Hello Conference Attendees,

Registration for conference presenters only is open at this time. All presenters will receive a private email from the itc@metaintegral.org email account with a link to register for the conference. 

Public registration for the conference opens on Monday, January 12 , 2015.  Open registration announcements and instructions to register will be generated through the following social media configurations:

We look forward to seeing you at the Fourth International Integral Theory Conference!

The 2015 ITC Team