Integral's "Stars" and "Bright Lights" in Dialogue

By: Mark Forman

The Integral Theory Conference is the single most complete and diverse gathering of integral voices in the world. Nowhere can this be seen more clearly than in our panel discussions:

The "stars" of the integral community - academics and leaders - share a common stage with equally potent "bright lights" of integral from all over the world. We bring them together, in a democratic format, to discuss the most pressing and intriguing issues facing the field and the planet.

If there were questions about the collective gravitas of the integral community, we believe our panels answer these questions: when we listen to the complete ensemble of the integral community, the power and potential of what we hear is awesome.

We wholeheartedly invite you to come to the ITC, take part, ask pressing questions, and come away inspired and engaged. Here are the panels we have lined up for Friday and Saturday.










Integral Education: Multiple Lineages, an Embarrassment of Riches
Moderators: Willow Dea and Matthew Rich
Panelists: Clint Fuhs, Gary Hampson, Alfonso Montuori, Tom Murray, Jonathan Reams, Bonnitta Roy







Integral Organization Development & Management Consulting
Moderator: Barrett C. Brown
Panelists: Dean Anderson, Adriana Chmiel, Christopher Cooke, Andrew Johnson, Maureen Metcalf, Beena Sharma









The Role of Sex, Relationships & Intersubjectivity in the Evolution of Humanity
Moderator: Martin Ucik
Panelists: Allison Conte, Elizabeth Debold, Mark Forman, Olen Gunnlaugson, Gilles Herrada, Keith Witt









Integral: Global Reality, Worldwide Movement
Moderator: Aliki Nicolaides
Panelists: Marcelo, Cardoso, Javier Careaga, Sondra Doe, Bence Ganti, Jenny Kwan, Leandro Meyer






Navigating the Future of Healthcare: Integral Health & Medicine
Moderator: Joel Kreisberg
Panelists: Bill Argus, Larry George, Gary Huffaker, David Petrie, Karen Wyatt, Deb Zucker









Beyond Speaking Truth to Power: Integral Modes of Social & Political Activism
Moderator: Darcy Riddell
Panelists: Lisa Chacon, Bob Kezer, Marilyn Hamilton, Terry Patten, Vernice Solimar







Toward an Integral Research Agenda: What Do We Think We Know But Need to Investigate with Research?
Moderator: Sean Esbjorn-Hargens
Panelists: Roy Bhaskar, Susanne Cook-Greuter, Elliott Ingersoll, Heather Larkin, Otto Laske, Zak Stein









Third Tier Spirituality?
Moderator: Mark Schmanko
Panelists: Bruce Alderman, Nev Kelly, Doshin Michael Nelson, Terri O'Fallon, Venita Ramirez, Michael Schwartz









Spotlight on Type: Creative Thoughts & Applications of the "Marginalized" AQAL Element
Moderator: Linda Berens
Panelists: Elizabeth Debold, Mark Allan Kaplan, Susan Rhodes, Niki Vincent








Ethics and Culture: The Promises & Pitfalls of an Evolutionary Framework
Moderator: Mark Forman
Panelists: Susanne Cook-Greuter, Christopher Cooke, Elliott Ingersoll, Peter Merry, Carter Phipps









Integral Leader Development
Moderator: Aliki Nicolaides
Panelists: Alain Gauthier, Sandra Hill, David McCallum, Beena Sharma, Brett Thomas, Bill Torbert







Solving Wicked Problems: What's Metatheory Got to Do With It?
Moderator: Nick Hedlund-de Witt
Panelists: Roy Bhaskar, Steven Carpenter, Hans Despain, Mark Edwards, Linas Kalvaitas, Sean Kelly, Leigh Price







Class and Diversity: What is Integral's Emancipatory Purpose?
Moderator: Michael Raffanti
Panelists: Dorrian Aiken, Jeff Cohen, Mark Fabionar, Lakia Green, Janice Simcoe, Nick Walker








Impacting the Future: Strategic Investing & Philanthropy from an Integral Perspective
Moderator: Jordan Luftig
Panelists: Mariana Bozesan, Ed Kelly, Dori Koll, Joel Kreisberg, Ellen Sprenger, Stuart Valentine