On behalf of MetaIntegral Foundation, I'm pleased to announce our new Integral Theory Conference host and partner:

We are pleased to offer this opportunity to apply for a project grant from MetaIntegral Foundation. We encourage you to download our 2014 Grant Guidelines.

This document outlines the integral point of view that guides our priorities and strategies as grantmakers. It also contains an application form and describes the procedure for submitting your grant application. We invite your interest and proposals.

The major theme of Ken Wilber's most important work - Sex, Ecology, Spirituality - is that integral consciousness represents the next great wave of cultural and individual evolution. In SES, Ken's AQAL model is explicitly presented as one expression of this stage of consciousness, and certainly not as the final word on it. Similar messages about integral being our next collective step were offered half-a-century earlier by Jean Gebser and his contemporary Sri Aurobindo.