Integral Directory

Finally, the Integral Movement at your fingertips.

The purpose of MetaIntegral Foundation is to maximize the impact of integral scholars, professionals, and practitioners around the world in enacting an integral planet. To accomplish this, the global integral community needs purpose-specific software and services that expand connectivity, exposure, and synergy.

The Integral Directory has been beautifully designed from the ground up to meet this need. And given everything at stake, there’s never been a more important time to make this tool available. To be effective as a growing movement, we need to coordinate our actions at a global scale, have access to up-to-date information, and create a robust funding platform that advances and accelerates integral projects in multiple disciplines.


Global Features for Global Impact

Launching this Fall, the Integral Directory will immediately enable Mi Foundation members to create and browse profiles of people, organizations, salons, projects, events, trainings, and more. To make this content as useful as possible, the system has been designed with several powerful features.


Integral Events


With growing numbers discovering and applying Integral Theory in more ways within more fields around the world, we are seeing an explosion of integral events such as courses and trainings, webinars, conferences and workshops, experiential gatherings, dialogs, and presentations.

Unfortunately, discovering the events that matter most to you, and filtering them to your specific interests, location, and schedule has been something of a challenge, to put it mildly.

The Integral Directory intends to change this; not only by making it simple to discover the events that are relevant to you, but also by providing convenient online registration, access to resources, and connectivity to attendees, hosts and presenters - all within the sphere of integral culture.

And for event producers, the Directory will radically simplify the process of promoting, managing registrations, creating pre- and post-event value for participants, and extending the reach of your events within the worldwide integral community.


Member Profiles


How many times have you wanted to search for or browse individuals or organizations specifically within the global integral community? Have you ever struggled with Google or FaceBook trying to find just those integrally-minded people and groups within your particular field or area of concern? Now you won’t have to.

Finally, the Integral Directory will bring the integral movement to you. Whether you are looking for integral friends, thinking partners or professionals, discussion groups or salons, organizations to join or companies to engage with, you’ll be able to find them all with a few clicks. You’ll be able to sort by proximity, type, affiliation, language, and more - quickly and easily.

And for a donation as little as a $1 per month, you’ll be able to create and maintain a profile specific to your integral self, that makes it easy for other members in the global community to find and engage with you.


Integral Projects


Clearly, an integral understanding and vision only truly have impact when embodied and enacted. Discussing theoretical nuances is great, but how do we actually get meaningful work done together? That’s where Projects come in.

The Integral Directory will not only make the people, events, and resources of the integral movement more conveniently accessible, it will also function as a powerful new platform for integral projects to be published, funded, promoted, and tracked from local to global scales.

Imagine being able to crowd-source talent, funding, ideas, and feedback for intelligent, life-changing projects in multiple fields, all within an attractive, secure, and integrally-informed environment of care and world-centric consciousness.


Integral Map


While there is no question that web technology has amazing potential to unite integral professionals, practitioners and ideas wherever on the globe they happen to be, the physical and local proximity dimensions are also critically important for creating connection and coherence.

For this reason, the Directory will provide an elegant, real-time global map of the integral movement. The Integral Map provides a beautiful, interactive view of people, events, organizations, and projects around the world. This makes it easy to not only visualize the integral community at a global level, but also zoom in to specific areas and see what’s happening.


And we're just getting started.

The more we understand the global nature of the world’s most pressing problems, the more important the success of integral professionals and the integral community as a whole. MetaIntegral Foundation is committed to providing structural, financial, and knowledge-based support that will enable this growing network to flourish.

With the Integral Directory, we are taking our first step in building the web-based technological support needed to make this happen. Many exciting new features are in development that will provide increasing value to the integral network.