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Mi Foundation Global Initiatives 

Integral Theory is a global phenomenon with well-established communities of discourse and practice in the English-speaking world and in countries as diverse as Germany, Japan, Brazil, Spain, and Russia. Not only is interest in Integral Theory spreading across the globe, it is also an ideal meta-theory for addressing today’s multifaceted planetary issues. Our global initiatives empower practitioners using Integral Theory around the world and advance global-scale applications of Integral Theory.


Integral Planet Endowment

Funding Ingenious Projects


The Integral Planet Endowment is a 10-year campaign — beginning now, with "The Power of We" Campaign — to raise $100 million to support 100 disciplines of applied Integral Theory for 1000 years of global enactment. The endowment will employ a unique grant application and reporting process based on Integral Theory. The global integral community will be able to help select which projects get funded through a Kickstarter-style funding platform. Learn More ►


Integral Directory

Coordinating Integral Action


Coming this Fall, MetaIntegral will launch the first ever global directory for the integral community. Integral professionals and practitioners around the world will gain an unprecedented capacity to find, connect, engage, and transact. Beautifully designed from the ground up, the Directory will include powerful features such as rich profiles and listings, a global events calendar with registration system, a platform for crowd-funding projects, a dynamic global map, and much more. Learn More ►


Integral Global Action

Facilitating Planetary Solutions


Over the next five years, Mi Foundation will develop a large-scale social technology to support coordination of 20 to 50 organizations that focus on significant global issues such as climate change, human trafficking, genocide, and alternative energy. A dynamic meta-process will be used to cultivate alignment and synergy across these organizations over a 10 to 30 year period. The complex problems facing the global commons will increasingly require such long-term coordination of research and initiatives by international organizations.