'Integrated' Collaborative Research on Climate Change and Integral's 'Leg Up'

By: Nick Hedlund-de Witt

"Research on climate change can be effective only if it is accompanied by greater integration [....] We need to break down the boundaries between university departments and funding agencies that cater only to broad disciplines, such as 'sciences' or 'arts'. Integrated science at the international level is certainly the way to go. This is urgent: the planet calls for action now." -Paulo Artaxo
Adam Robbert over at Knowledge Ecology (an excellent Integrally relevant blog, BTW) posted the following regarding collaboration in climate change research:
Nature has THIS article on the successful collaboration of scientists working in teams to solve complex ecological issues (who would have thought!) I applaud this kind of research effort but it does remind me why I found integral ecology appealing in the first place (see my previous). When it comes to doing postdisciplinary research that stretches the natural, social, and humanistic sciences surely the integral ecologists have a leg up on what other folks are doing. There is plenty of good research coming out from all kinds of research institutes but I’m aways struck by just how on top of things the integral ecology crew is when it comes to designing research models and deployable, effective paradigms (the critical realist and science studies folk would have to be at the top of such a list as well).

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