The important work of the Integral Ecology Center is made possible by the passion and effort of our leadership team, and the support and feedback of our membership community. If you too are passionate about the application of Integral Theory to critical environmental issues, please join us!


Carissa Wieler

Executive Director

Carissa's interest in Integral Ecology emerged in 2006 at the Integral Ecology and Sustainability workshop hosted by Integral Institute. She saw that Integral Ecology could hold many of the strands of nature awareness and intelligence she was deeply called to from an early age.

Carissa's path of exploration has included nature mysticism (through embodied practices and field technology), nature interiority (work with nature beings), as well as studies and degrees in natural sciences (biology, environmental science) and the social dimensions of working with the environment (natural resources management, MNRM)). She has also delved into understanding human "nature" through Integral Psychology (MA), holding the question of how to bridge psychology and ecology.

Carissa is now working on a PhD as a way of further grounding this question through an exploration of looking at urban nature through lenses of health and culture (University of British Columbia, Department of Forestry).

To the Director position, Carissa brings her experience in working with two non-profit sustainability think tanks and an urban planning consultancy in office management, research (Pembina Institute for Appropriate Development), coordination of a professional sustainability indicators network (International Institute for Sustainable Development), and a measurement and assessment system in an aboriginal community (Ecoplan International).

Carissa has been a long time volunteer in the Integral community including coordination of 30 volunteers at the Integral Theory Conference (2008, 2010), as well as holding the position of Associate Director of the Integral Ecology Center (from 2008). Carissa lives in Vancouver, Canada.