Edward West


Edward West is an entrepreneur and educator. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Yale University, and an MBA from Presidio Graduate School.

In 2007, Edward co-founded Mission Motors, manufacturer of advanced electric powertrains for vehicle manufacturers and high performance electric motorcycles. In the four years after the founding of the company while he served as President, Mission grew to a staff of 35, raised two VC funding rounds and a PE round, and created multiple contracts with major vehicle manufacturers.

He left Mission to try to create large scale cultural and systemic change that is possible through the tools of business, informed by Integral Theory:

Through education: where he is currently teaching the Integrative Capstone class at Presidio Graduate School's sustainability-focused MBA, emphasizing broad, holistic and integral perspectives to creating business ventures. Through creating novel social structures: He is co-founder of the Hub Oakland Urban Innovation Cluster project, where he is working with a network of entrepreneurs and changemakers to try to create an ecosystem of creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation in downtown Oakland. And, through technology: He is the co-founder of a new web startup working to create a resource-sharing layer for the social web, connecting communities of innovation and entrepreneurship worldwide.

He has a deep interest in using the principles of business, evolution and complexity with the goal of building a more conscious, loving, just, regenerative and sustainable world. He is a long time student of Adyashanti and an avid Integralist.