What is Integral Business?

Integral Business is an approach to business endeavor that takes into account interiors, exteriors, culture and systems.  It is a comprehensive approach to business that can contextualize the most challenging problems and operationalize the most nuanced solutions.

Making use of an integral map of the cosmos helps us, as Integral Business practitioners, to recognize the importance of multiple dimensions of business: it helps us understand interiors, both of ourselves, and our stakeholders, through awareness practices, and the insights of behavioral, typological and developmental psychology.  It helps us understand culture, consumer and societal behavior, by harnessing the understandings and the research done in fields like economic sociology and urban planning.  And, it helps us understand and build systems by incorporating fields such as complexity economics, biology, and systems theory.

To do integral business is to do business with a map of the cosmos that allows us see the world much more clearly, as well as act and participate much more effectively.


Why our Work Matters:

However we feel about it, all of us are participating in a world which business has shaped in dramatic fashion.  The resources, networks, relationships and socioeconomic structures of business are arguably the most rapidly evolving and powerful forces in the world today.

Engaging in business empowered by an integral metatheory provides us with the most nuanced and comprehensive map of human capacity and endeavor. If we can become more conscious in our understanding of how to shape the world of business, we become much more effective in our capacity to change the world in systematic and scalable ways.

Integral awareness, using the tools of business, has an extraordinary potential and ability to envision and create radically new possibility sets. It gives us the capacities to begin to see deeper: into ourselves, into our customers, and into our future, to create a map and an approach for a business world that is evolving exponentially. 

Using integral awareness we can inhabit and embody and repurpose these profound tools of world-transformation that have created great value but have also caused much destruction. Businesses run by an integrally-informed Bodhisattva ideal can create good that is scalable to the size of the globe.   

Integral business allows us to see and create new possibilities, together, informed by an extraordinary breadth of ideas, and a depth of consciousness that allows us not only to better understand ourselves and our customers, but to better embody and inhabit our greatest potential as a species.

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