What is Integral Art and Media?

Both modernity and postmodernity have their own respective and distinctive forms of art and media technologies. But what comes after post/modernism? What might be “post-postmodern” modes of art and media that on the one hand address the emergent depths and complexity of our global historical moment, while on the other heal and transcend the all too often evident pathologies and limits of prior forms of art and communication media?

Integral art and media are those cutting edge forms now just emerging. The IAM Center supports artists in all media pioneering these new forms as well as the theorists and critics who help clarify the distinctiveness and import of these new modes of art and expressive media for our cultural commons.


Why Our Work Matters:

The arts play an ever more important and impacting role in the world than ever before. Through reproductive and now digital media technologies, art of all kinds circulates in sublime abundance and is experienced by countless people on a daily basis.  From TV shows to art exhibitions to listening to recorded music to reading poetry on the internet, art enters the attention of human beings like never before.  Art, then, is not some mere ornament to life but a profound dimension of our being in the world that has become an unprecedented force shaping our souls.

It therefore matters considerably as to the kinds and qualities of the art that circulate today. The IAM Center is dedicated to bringing forth art that is integral in sundry ways proper to that term, integral art that invites people into more evolved, whole, and healthy ways of seeing, existing, and being with one another – and with this fragile world. The sheer complexity of the world demands an art that can address emergent needs, problems and challenges. The Center and its members take up this challenge as a heart-mission for this lifetime.


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