Forgiveness and Individual Psychotherapy

Toward Integral Understanding

Published: September 1, 2011
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By Janet Lewis

Forgiveness is often cited as a mature capacity or as a therapeutic intervention. There are several forgiveness therapies in use, but many authors have voiced concern over the possible dangers of encouraging forgiveness, especially in trauma survivors. This article explores how the Integral framework can help therapists and patients untangle the numerous intertwined strands contained within this basic, widely used, and powerful concept.

Integrated Recovery Therapy

Toward an Integrally Informed Individual Psychotherapy for Addicted Populations

Published: March 1, 2012
By Guy Pierre du Plessis

This article outlines an integrally informed individual psychotherapy adapted for treating addicted populations. Integrated Recovery Therapy is a meta-therapy that provides a comprehensive and multiperspectival therapeutic orientation for therapists who treat addicted clients in individual psychotherapy. Its core philosophy is derived from an integration of 12-Step abstinence-based philosophy, mindfulness, positive psychology, and Integral Theory.