By: Matthew Rich


“… free the child, if possible, from the ties which keep him isolated in the artificial life of a city (Montessori 1988: 69)” .

By: tommurray

I'm delighted to offer some musings on integral education following Terri O'Fallon's blog post last month.  Terri's message speaks in such a direct and balanced way to the two primary things that develop within us: our minds and our hearts—our capacities to reason and our capacities to care and feel.  Terri's focus in her post was on the education of children.  My primary interest is in how we continue to develop as adults (and it must be said that, these days, Terri works primarily - and magnificently - with adults).  If you are perusing this blog site you, like others drawn to integral ed

By: Terri O'Fallon

This is my 50th year of teaching; I started as a first grade teacher at the age of 19, with 30 children, 25 boys and 5 girls and two children that didn’t speak English.