What is Integral Education?

Integral Education, historically linked to the pre-Socratic era, is an ongoing inquiry in the evolution of learning and teaching, along the whole life span. Within this inquiry is a set of personal, professional and methodological practices.  These practices, or considerations, constitute a body of work that provides a guiding framework for experiencing and designing educational flow.

Integral Education is also an emergent discourse. As a human community, we are constantly evolving and increasing our collective capacity to reflect, learn and engage in teaching and learning. 

Distinctly different from holistic methods, an integral approach to education includes the body, mind and spirit, yet orients pedagogy and andragogy around a set of core orienting principles. These principles elevate the vision of the educator beyond the traditional considerations, allowing for the synthesis of a systems approach that points to a wider sphere of care – well beyond the planet, toward a longer view.

Integral Education provides students and teachers with increased self-awareness, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and a larger context for navigating the complexities of our global community’s opportunity for life in this era.

Integral Education utilizes a comprehensive and balanced approach to assessment, curriculum design, pedagogical methods, and professional development, as well as the design of both the physical learning environment and classroom culture. Nothing is left out.

Why our Work Matters:

“Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future”

 ~ John F. Kennedy

Our work matters because children matter. The way in which we create the conditions in their lives for optimal levels of support and challenge along their developmental span is a crucial component for humanity’s wellbeing. When we address the needs of our children at a fundamental personal and systemic level, we invest in the potential for a very different outcome for humanity as a whole.

You matter. If you’re reading this, you’re probably more than a little curious about personal and/or professional growth, or integral education. We’re here to support you to accomplish what you set out to do in your field.

Collectively, it’s rather obvious why our efforts to transform education matter. Alleviating suffering for teachers, and learners is the very heart of what we’re here to do. Ultimately, we all matter. Our quality of life, and the instinct to flourish are ours to keep, if we choose.

What we hope that you’ll leave with:

·      A solid understanding of what comprises, motivates and organizes Integral Education.

·      A sense of community

·      A place to learn, grow, be inspired and delighted

·      A platform for your projects to shine

Whether you work with young children, teens, young adults or older adults, this Center is designed as a platform for your inquiry, learning and engagement.

We are a healthy community of educators, administrators, parents and educational para-professionals, all interested in one thing: making education come alive!

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