By: Maggie Buxton


Smartphones, tablets and the hordes of apps created for them, make it possible for us to carry our worlds around with us with increasing ease. As we travel from place to place we can connect (or disconnect) our friends in multiple formats, do our business or procrastinate about our business by playing mindless games.  However as we move from location to location, the way we encounter these ‘places’ may be shifting.


By: Nick Hedlund-de Witt

"[In the 21st century], there will be an urgent need for scholars who go beyond the isolated facts; who make connections across the disciplines; and who begin to discover a more coherent view of knowledge and a more integrated, more authentic view of life."   – Ernest Boyer


Welcome to the new Integral Research Center.

By: Nick Hedlund-de Witt

Integral Institute and John F. Kennedy University are pleased to announce the Critical Realism and Integral Theory Symposium.