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Breaking the Meme: From Insular Integral to Integral Tradition

By: Mark Forman

The major theme of Ken Wilber's most important work - Sex, Ecology, Spirituality - is that integral consciousness represents the next great wave of cultural and individual evolution. In SES, Ken's AQAL model is explicitly presented as one expression of this stage of consciousness, and certainly not as the final word on it. Similar messages about integral being our next collective step were offered half-a-century earlier by Jean Gebser and his contemporary Sri Aurobindo.

Integral's "Stars" and "Bright Lights" in Dialogue

By: Mark Forman

The Integral Theory Conference is the single most complete and diverse gathering of integral voices in the world. Nowhere can this be seen more clearly than in our panel discussions:

The "stars" of the integral community - academics and leaders - share a common stage with equally potent "bright lights" of integral from all over the world. We bring them together, in a democratic format, to discuss the most pressing and intriguing issues facing the field and the planet.

The Conference in the Hallways

By: Mark Forman

When we launched the Integral Theory Conference (ITC) in 2008, we wanted to create a platform where individuals and teams doing work in Integral Theory and application could present, dialogue, and engage in healthy debate. We also wanted to require a scholarly paper with each presentation, as traditional academic conferences do, as a way to help build up the literature in the field. With two conferences completed, and the third happening this summer, these purposes remain at the heart of the event.  

ITC 2013: Emergence and Reemergence

By: Mark Forman

As many of you are aware, the original two ITC events in 2008 and 2010 were hosted in connection with the Integral Theory program at JFK University. And as many of you also know, the JFK program is now heading towards its final year, a situation which forced a one-year hiatus in our biennial conference schedule. So this year's conference represents something of a reemergence of the event and its central function in furthering the development of the field of Integral academics.

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