By: Jordan Luftig

MetaIntegral Foundation is pleased to announce our call for papers for the 2013 Integral Theory Conference: Connecting the Integral Kosmopolitan. We are proud to be launching in conjunction with our conference partner, Integral Institute, and our Diamond Sponsor, Integral Coaching Canada.

We are also extremely pleased to announce that two of the planet's most prominent integral thinkers, Roy Bhaskar and Edgar Morin, will keynote this year's event! Our own Sean Esbjörn-Hargens will offer a third keynote address, introducing conference participants to an exciting new...


Having written and edited several academic texts, I have had the pleasure of dedicating books to key people in my life. A dedication is a simple gesture that is often overlooked by readers. But this gesture is quite a bold statement, as the writing or editing of books often takes years and in short you are acknowledging someone important to you in a very direct and profound way. In some ways it is a shame that books are one of the few things we tend to dedicate to people. It seems that other multi-year projects would be worthy candidates for such dedication.

With the completion of...

By: Karen Wyatt

Sooner or later it’s bound to happen. If you are an open-minded, open-hearted medical practitioner, at some point you are going to be struck with a desire to grow, to break out of rigid modes of thinking, to offer something different and better to your patients. In the midst of writing a prescription for an antidepressant or a pain medication, while trying to motivate a patient to exercise or eat a healthier diet, when explaining to one patient why he doesn’t need an MRI scan or explaining to an insurance company why another patient does need an MRI scan—you are going to get a...

By: Edward West

The concept of business planning and business design, in popular conception, involves conceiving of a problem or challenge that some number of people are struggling with, imagining a solution that they would like to pay for, raising investment to create this offering, and selling it to consumers.

This paradigm, while still functional, will be less and less relevant, particularly in the frothy world of the internet and social web.

Now, it is basically inconceivable to think of a world without Facebook. Facebook changed the way we communicate as a species. Facebook, lest we...

By: Edward West

"Capitalism, then, is by nature a form or method of economic change and not only never is but never can be stationary. And this evolutionary character of the capitalist process is not merely due to the fact that economic life goes on in a social and natural environment which changes and by its change alters the data of economic action; this fact is important and these changes (wars, revolutions and so on) often condition industrial change, but they are not its prime movers. Nor is this evolutionary character due to a quasi-automatic increase in population and capital or to the vagaries of...