By: Gerard Bruitzman

I want to raise some issues that occurred to me after reading Dustin DiPerna’s JITP article, "Integral Religious Studies in a Developmental Context" (IRSDC) [free download]. In IRSDC, Diperna uses an orienting framework in which he identifies four historical stages in the development of the field of religious studies (see Table 1). He associates the premodern period with a fusion of the value spheres of arts, sciences,...

By: Karen Wyatt

A few months ago after sustaining some significant injuries in a bicycle accident, I had an opportunity to participate in the U.S. medical system as a patient instead of a provider and it was an eye-opening experience. I have heard many disturbing stories from patients over the past few years about the questionable care they have received in hospitals, emergency rooms and clinics throughout this country and my own experience served to validate those complaints.


During my 24-hour hospitalization I was seen by 7 different medical practitioners (MD’s and PA’s), each for...


I'm teaching an exciting new course on TetraDynamics, a groundbreaking meta-analysis of Integral Theory's four quadrants. The following post is my Introduction to the TetraDynamics Handbook, which you will receive for free when you sign up for the course. Sign up today! 

I have been teaching students and professionals for over a decade how to apply Integral Theory. Much of this time has centered on the four quadrants of the AQAL model, in part because the quadrants are very intuitive and provide...

By: Nick Hedlund-de Witt

"[In the 21st century], there will be an urgent need for scholars who go beyond the isolated facts; who make connections across the disciplines; and who begin to discover a more coherent view of knowledge and a more integrated, more authentic view of life."   – Ernest Boyer


Welcome to the new Integral Research Center.

What an exciting and daunting time to be alive on the planet! Never before have we had access to so much knowledge from so many methods, disciplines, and worldviews—spanning human history and the furthest reaches of the globe. Yet at the same...

By: Mark Forman

As many of you are aware, the original two ITC events in 2008 and 2010 were hosted in connection with the Integral Theory program at JFK University. And as many of you also know, the JFK program is now heading towards its final year, a situation which forced a one-year hiatus in our biennial conference schedule. So this year's conference represents something of a reemergence of the event and its central function in furthering the development of the field of Integral academics. It is also a reemergence of the core team of people who organized the first two events - we are deeply committed...