Dedicated to Ken Wilber and His Vision of an Integral World


Having written and edited several academic texts, I have had the pleasure of dedicating books to key people in my life. A dedication is a simple gesture that is often overlooked by readers. But this gesture is quite a bold statement, as the writing or editing of books often takes years and in short you are acknowledging someone important to you in a very direct and profound way. In some ways it is a shame that books are one of the few things we tend to dedicate to people. It seems that other multi-year projects would be worthy candidates for such dedication.

With the completion of the MetaIntegral website I had a familiar feeling arise in my awareness—the impulse to dedicate a book—well, in this case a website. When you pour so much of yourself into something and feel it makes an important contribution to a better world, there is—for me—a natural inclination to honor someone for playing a particularly important role in its creation.

Thus, as we launched the website for MetaIntegral and I felt into the past two years of hard work in crafting, articulating, raising money, designing, and working with various people and I realized that I wanted to dedicate the website to someone and it was clear to me who to honor: Ken Wilber.

Everything I have done as a professional and much that I have done personally since 1997 when I first read A Brief History of Everything has been inspired by Ken and his Integral vision. In fact, after reading A Brief History of Everything I noted in my journal that I had found my calling and that I would spend the rest of my life engaging and developing integral approaches to the world. Thus, Integral Theory has been a powerful guiding force in my life. The last 15 years have been completely dedicated to bringing Integral Theory into the world. One only has to look at my various activities and initiatives to see how seriously I’ve taken this commitment. Now with the launch of MetaIntegral I’m taking everything to the next level.

To state it in somewhat provocative terms, I view MetaIntegral as my “love letter” to Ken—in effect, it is me saying to him and the world, “Ken, your integral vision has been the animating principle in my life for 15 years and out of my love for you and this vision I have done what I feel can serve the success of this vision in the world the most fully.” Thus, MetaIntegral is fully committed to serving and honoring Ken, his work and legacy, and doing so in a way that places his work at the foundation of the MI enterprise and builds on it and takes it into the mainstream—takes it successfully into 100 disciplines, uses it to tackle the world’s wicked problems, and supports practitioners inspired by his work to have more impact in the world through their efforts.

May MetaIntegral serve the alleviation of suffering and the flourishing of vitality around the world. May MetaIntegral be a powerful vehicle of freedom and fullness expressing Ken’s own bodhisattva heart.

*Photos of Ken and I were taken during my first meeting with him at his house in Boulder in 2000—just at the beginning of the formation of Integral Institute.