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Current Issue: Volume 9, Number 1

By: Lyn Lord

This issue explores a wide range of topics and initiatives. Peer-reviewed articles focus on developmental assessments for leadership programs; the utility of integral frameworks in supporting graduate students; how to conduct "activist" research; and how consciousness is distributed across populations. Authors also expand research in the fields of sustainability, addiction/recovery, and cognitive psychology.       

Academic Indexes and the Evolution of Integral Theory

By: Lyn Lord

Integral Theory claims to be many things: a map, framework, practice, catalyst, and matrix. Such a bold assertion naturally invites skepticism: “Show me the peer-reviewed articles examining its reliability and validity," “Great ideas, but show me the scientifically validated evidence,” or “Will JITP be listed in academic indexes?” 

Current Issue: Integral Business (Vol. 8, Nos. 1 & 2)

By: Lyn Lord

This special issue devoted to Integral Business contains 13 contributions. The issue features a wide range of content that includes case studies, field reports, original research, and innovative models of doing business. Natura, Brazil's leading cosmetics company, played an important role in supporting the issue's publication. 

Current Issue: Volume 7, Number 4

By: Lyn Lord

Nearly a third of the current issue is devoted to the opening article by Paul Marshall and a personal exchange Marshall had with Roy Bhaskar, the founder of Critical Realism. Marshall gives "a relatively detailed and accessible overview for integral theorists of critical realist ontology, in all its phases." Following the Marshall and Bhaskar pieces is a commentary by Ken Wilber.

Featured Author: Guy du Plessis

By: Lyn Lord

Guy du Plessis is the Clinical Director of Drakenstein Addiction Recovery Center in Wellington, South Africa. He is the developer of the Integrated Recovery Model and Integrated Recovery Therapy, and also is the first to pioneer and implement an integrally informed clinical model within an inpatient addiction treatment clinic. Du Plessis' current article, his third published in JITP, uses Integral Methodological Pluralism (IMP) to elucidate an Integral Model of Addiction.

Current Issue: Volume 7, Number 3

By: Lyn Lord

The September issue showcases prominent authors whose work has appeared in previous issues of JITP and also introduces several new scholar-practitioners. There is a strong global feel to this issue with authors coming from Australia, Canada, England, Japan, the Netherlands, South Africa, South Korea, and the United States. In terms of content, the articles range from theory building to introducing new practices, and from applied examples to disciplinary reflections. In short, this issue represents a nice blend of perspectives along several axes of value.

Featured Author: Roger Walsh

By: Lyn Lord

Roger Walsh is one of the wise elders of Integral Theory, so it feels appropriate for him to be our first featured author. This article, which is the result of an ongoing research project, provides a window into a recent anthology Walsh has edited for the SUNY Press series in Integral Theory. In this forthcoming volume, Walsh showcases leading voices from various spiritual and philosophical traditions discussing wisdom. Throughout the article Walsh makes a persuasive case for how wisdom studies can benefit from an integral approach.


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