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The Future of Leadership for Conscious Capitalism

By: Barrett C. Brown

“This whitepaper is an immensely important work that every leader committed to Conscious Capitalism should engage in. It clearly shows who we need to become in order to create a prosperous future for our companies and the world. This is advanced leadership that will enable us to thrive in tomorrow’s complexity and rapid change. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to take their leadership – and their impact – to the next level.”

- John Mackey, Co-CEO, Whole Foods

Activity Update: I-Sus Toolkit, Leadership Research, Publications, Presentations, Mentoring to develop a leader's action logic

By: Barrett C. Brown

“We face unprecedented changes in creating a sustainable world which will be as profound as those underlying the Industrial Revolution. New leadership is needed, to rethink, redesign and reinvent organisations so that they are proactive, innovative, future fit as well as becoming integral contributing healthy cells in a healthy biosphere. Without such leadership, organisations and their managers will be subject to forces beyond their understanding and control which they will experience as fate.

Welcome to the Integral Sustainability Center

By: Barrett C. Brown

You have capacities within you that are phenomenal. If you only knew how to release them. – David Bohm

David Bohm’s quotation both deeply inspires and slightly irritates me. I know the magnificence of human and societal potential; it’s teeming everywhere I look. And I wrestle with how we can more rapidly unlock, catalyze, or create the conditions for the significant transformation that is needed to create a thriving global society and flourishing natural world.

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