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Welcome to the Integral Ecology Center

By: Carissa Wieler

Hello and Welcome!  You may be wondering what the Integral Ecology Center is all about. What is it really about, behind the listserv, blogs, pages of content – what is this virtual center trying to accomplish? As the Director of the Integral Ecology Center, this is something I get to contemplate and discuss with my peers in MetaIntegral, as well as with the Integral Ecology steering committee.

Integrating Ecological Awareness into Daily Life: An Exploration of Integral Ecology

By: Carissa Wieler

In this world of both turmoil and beauty, many wonder about how to skillfully bring their deepest longings and ideals for the planet to fruition. When so much seems against what feels right and true, how do we step up and bring our hearts and minds to the task?

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