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Announcing: 11 Finalists for a $5K - $10K Project Grant

By: Jordan Luftig

I am very excited to present to you our 11 finalists, selected from a pool of 60 applications, for a $5,000 to $10,000 project grant from MetaIntegral Foundation.

These 11 projects represent a total of $102,204 in funding requests. We believe every one of them is worthy of funding, and yet we have a total of $20,000 to award this year. Donors and members of the Foundation get a vote to help us decide.

Which projects would you fund? - If you could choose only two or three.


By: Jordan Luftig

We are pleased to offer this opportunity to apply for a project grant from MetaIntegral Foundation. We encourage you to download our 2014 Grant Guidelines.

This document outlines the integral point of view that guides our priorities and strategies as grantmakers. It also contains an application form and describes the procedure for submitting your grant application. We invite your interest and proposals.

3 Major Updates

By: Jordan Luftig

If you are the curious kind, you will want to click on over to the Schedule page of the ITC website. It's your starting point for three major updates on the conference:

1. Pre-conference workshops are now open to the general public!

2. Now you can watch the conference via live webcast, from the comfort of your own home!

3. The full 2013 conference brochure is hot off the press!

A Fundraising Success!

By: Jordan Luftig

Our first-ever fundraising event held on October 26 in Berkeley, California was a success by many standards. In addition to the good will and good vibe felt in the room, over 70 people of all ages from multiple countries attended. It was truly a global affair and also a family affair, as our gracious hosts Bill and Erica Roberts - parents of board member Sam Roberts - welcomed friends of integral into their home for a celebration, stimulating conversation, and contemplation of our role as changemakers.

Call for Papers - 2013 Integral Theory Conference: Connecting the Integral Kosmopolitan

By: Jordan Luftig

MetaIntegral Foundation is pleased to announce our call for papers for the 2013 Integral Theory Conference: Connecting the Integral Kosmopolitan. We are proud to be launching in conjunction with our conference partner, Integral Institute, and our Diamond Sponsor, Integral Coaching Canada.

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