MetaIntegral Academic Initiatives

In contrast to fragmented and reductionistic approaches, Integral Theory offers more sophisticated meta-frameworks that can address the complex issues facing humanity.

MetaIntegral Foundation's academic initiatives are united by a common goal: to develop a professional academic discourse around integral frameworks and applications that offer an alternative to contemporary disciplinary fragmentation. Even multidisciplinary approaches, which reflect a sound integrative intuition, require metadisciplinary frameworks to realize their true integral potential. Over the last decade, Integral Theory has strengthened its academic presence through symposiums, conferences, textbooks, departments, research, and dissertations. Current members of MetaIntegral Foundation have been important scholar-practitioners in these regards. Mi Foundation is committed to supporting the growth of integral academics through a wide range of academic initiatives.

Mi Publishing

Producing Advanced Understandings

MetaIntegral Foundation will produce and publish innovative content in the form of articles, books, audio and video content. These materials will support integral practitioners in numerous ways: cultivating professional skills, providing inspiring examples of integral application, and learning about specific meta-principles of Integral Theory. Learn More ►

Journal of Integral Theory and Practice

Showcasing Scholar-Practitioners

Founded in 2003 and publishing its first issue in 2006, JITP has produced over 3,500 pages of peer-reviewed content. As such it represents the largest single source of vetted applications of Integral Theory. JITP is a quarterly journal publishing 30 to 40 articles a year, and is included in several well-established academic indexes. Learn More ►

CRIT Symposiums

Exploring Big-picture Visions

An annual gathering of critical realists (CR) and integral theorists (IT) exploring similarities and differences between their respective integrative metatheories. This event began in 2010 and is organized by our Integral Research Center and serves to expose grantees to different traditions of integrative thinking and to network them into a larger community of practitioners

Integral Theory Conference

Fostering Metadisciplinary Scholarship

This biennial conference began in 2008 and has sold out both times with 500 participants from over 30 countries. The 4th ITC conference will occur in July 2015. As a result of its size and success, ITC is the largest academic conference in the world devoted to Integral Theory and its application. Learn More ►

SUNY Series in Integral Theory

Publishing Amazing Texts

To date, SUNY Press has published four books in this series and there are close to twenty manuscripts in various stages of development. This series will house the most robust and sophisticated textbooks applying Integral Theory to various fields. Learn More ►