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Platform for Integral Evolution

The Foundation provides a platform for the global integral community and in particular we provide support, interconnection, and social and technological capital for the integral movement.

Our strategic focus is on supporting the top 500 integral scholar-practitioners around the world to have a greater impact on the planet through: Global Initiatives, Academic Initiatives, and Application Centers.

Global Initiatives

While Integral Theory is arguably best known in English-speaking countries, it is a global phenomenon with well-established communities of discourse and practice in countries as diverse as Germany, Japan, Brazil, Spain, and Russia. Not only is interest in Integral Theory spreading across the globe, it is also an ideal meta-theory for addressing today’s multifaceted planetary issues. Our global initiatives empower individuals using Integral Theory and advance global-scale applications of Integral Theory. These include the Integral Planet Endowment, Integral Directory, and Integral Global Action.

The goal of our global initiatives is to fund ingenious projects that use principles of Integral Theory to address key challenges facing the global community.


Academic Initiatives

Over the last decade, Integral Theory has strengthened its academic presence through symposiums, conferences, textbooks, departments, research, and dissertations. Current members of the Foundation have been important scholars in these contexts. The Foundation is committed to supporting the growth of integral academics. We have eight principal academic initiatives: Integral Academic Fund, The Integral Commons, two academic journals, the SUNY Series in Integral Theory, Integral Translation Project, Mi Publishing, and the Integral Theory Conference.

The goal of our academic initiatives is to develop a professional academic discourse around Integral Theory that produces new models that offer an alternative to contemporary disciplinary fragmentation.


Application Centers

The Foundation is home to eight integral centers for professional application: Integral Art & Media, Integral Business, Integral Ecology, Integral Education, Integral Health & Medicine, Integral Psychotherapy, Integral Research, and Integral Sustainability. These centers represent the most developed and important fields of integral application. They are dedicated spaces for practitioners to meet, receive support and challenge, conduct research and develop initiatives that advance knowledge and solve problems in their field. Over the next ten years the Foundation will develop substantial annual funding for a single flagship project within each center. In 2013, we plan to add two new centers: Politics and Religious Studies.

The goal of our application centers is to support the best and brightest integral scholar-practitioners within major fields of applied Integral Theory.