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Enacting an Integral Vision

At MetaIntegral Foundation our mission is to connect the global integral community and provide scholar-practitioners a platform for action, impact, and enactment of an integral vision. We accomplish this by engaging in a number of meta-practices. Some of the most important of these are:

1. Freeing (Every Transaction Grows the Integral Planet Endowment)

The practice of freeing is an example of “contributory consumption”—an important concept in social entrepreneurship. The basic idea behind freeing is that everything costs at least a little—so nothing is free but every single transaction within the Mi ecosystem contributes to making integral initiatives more and more sustainable. Every transaction grows the Integral Planet Endowment, which financially supports the success of integral projects around the planet. In turn, these projects produce impressive examples of integral action and build up valuable case studies, sets of best and “next” practices, and advance the application of Integral Theory in dozens of fields.

The net result of all this activity coordinated by the Mi ecosystem is that integral projects are increasingly freed from the current constraints and barriers they face now from a lack of institutional support, financial backing, and connected networks of practitioners. At the same time, individuals, communities, and disciplines around the planet are increasingly freed from the fragmentation, alienation, and overwhelming complexity that assail our contemporary times. In short, integral efforts are freed from modern and postmodern limitations, individuals are freed from suffering, disciplines are freed from fragmentation, and the planet is freed from various forms of destruction.

2. Organizing for Impact

You can think of MetaIntegral Foundation as a global platform for integral discourse and action. The Foundation, along with the entire Mi ecosystem, is built to achieve integral impact on a global scale. To accomplish this we make it our practice to correlate models and connect practitioners with an integrative sensibility—we bring together the integral ideas and people needed to tackle the challenges of our global age. A strategic priority of the Foundation is to mobilize and empower the top 500 integral practitioners on the planet.

Take a moment and feel your desire to be impactful. Feel the gap between the world you envision and your power as an individual to bring it to fruition. Is it painful? Motivating? Is there anywhere else you’d rather be working? Let your heart and mind be moved by the possibility, the opportunity to tap the power of our collective intelligence as practitioners and impact the world in a deep and enduring way.

3. Thinking Big and Acting Boldly

At MetaIntegral Foundation we think big and act boldly. We’re making a sincere and serious effort to scale the integral movement, achieve critical mass in our global society, and catalyze a tipping point in the evolution of humanity.