In my first year of graduate studies, I took a course co-taught by Sean Kelly and Alfonso Montuori that focused on the evolution of consciousness, planetary culture, and complexity. Ken Wilber’s writings were among the required readings. It was in this course that I encountered the work of French philosopher and sociologist Edgar Morin.

Integral Theory claims to be many things: a map, framework, practice, catalyst, and matrix. Such a bold assertion naturally invites skepticism: “Show me the peer-reviewed articles examining its reliability and validity," “Great ideas, but show me the scientifically validated evidence,” or “Will JITP be listed in academic indexes?” 

This special issue devoted to Integral Business contains 13 contributions. The issue features a wide range of content that includes case studies, field reports, original research, and innovative models of doing business. Natura, Brazil's leading cosmetics company, played an important role in supporting the issue's publication.