Aims and Scope

The Journal of Integral Theory and Practice (JITP) is a biannual publication devoted to Integral Theory and its application. JITP publishes peer-reviewed articles, case studies, integral research, critical dialogues, book reviews, and conference reports. The journal embraces a post-metaphysical and post-disciplinary perspective that is dedicated to articulating the ways ontology, epistemology, and methodology interact and co-arise across various scales of time and space. Authors emphasize the perspectival nature of reality, which emerges as first-, second-, and third-person perspectives interact with each other to enact phenomena. 

JITP is indexed by the American Psychological Association (PsycINFO), Elsevier (Scopus), ProQuest (General Reference, Psychology, and Religion), EBSCO (Humanities International Complete), and Ulrichs. 



JITP was established in 2003 when Sean Esbjörn-Hargens approached Ken Wilber about creating an academic journal devoted to Integral Theory. It was decided that Ken would be the Editor-in-Chief and Sean the Executive Editor. Ken, Sean, and 17 other people began working on the first two issues, which had the goal of publishing an introductory and intermediate article for each of the 20 centers of Integral Institute. This task proved to be a great example of "biting off more than you can chew." As a result of working with 40 articles going through peer review all at once, it took three years to complete the first two issues. Thus, the first issue was published in 2006. In the early years, a number of people played an important role with the journal, including Matt Rentschler, Barrett Brown, David Zeitler, Cindy Lou Goulin, Forest Jackson, and Annie McQuade.

Originally, the title of the journal was AQAL: Journal of Integral Theory and Practice. In 2008, Sean decided to drop the "AQAL" from the title and make the subtitle the new official title. Since then, the journal has been known as the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice and is registered as such with the U.S. Library of Congress. At the end of 2008, Lynwood Lord joined JITP as the Managing Editor and has played a decisive role in developing the journal into a balanced, dynamic publication. Since its first issue, JITP has published over 3,500 pages of content from hundreds of integrally informed authors.  


Current Volume 

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