Papers from ITC 2015

The Integral Theory Conference generates robust production of professional and academic literature. Across the board, the papers submitted at ITC 2015 were of a higher quality than the 2008, 2010, and 2013 conferences. We are pleased to share with you the following conference proceedings:


Best Papers

Here are the best papers from ITC 2015. Each presenter (or team of presenters) in each category shared an award of $500 in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the growing body of integrally informed scholarship:


Upper-Left Quadrant

Honorable Mention
Terry Patten, MA, Bay Area Integral: Integral Soul Work: The Integral Marriage of Spirit, Soul, and Social Activism


Lower-Right Quadrant

Honorable Mention
Zachary Stein, EdM, EdD, Center for Integral Wisdom, Lectica Inc., Meridian University: Desperate Measures: Global Crises of Measurement and Their Metatheoretical Solutions


Lower-Left Quadrant

Honorable Mention
Carter Phipps, Managing Director, Institute for Cultural Evolution, and Steve McIntosh, JD, President and Director, Institute for Cultural Evolution: Depolarizing the American Mind

Lakia Green, MA, Organization Management and Development, Integral Studies Concentration, Fielding Graduate University, Independent Researcher: Communicating with Impact: Convey Your Integral Vision to Any Audience


Upper-Right Quadrant

Honorable Mention
Theresa Silow, PhD, Full-time faculty in the Somatic Psychology Program at California Institute of Integral Studies: Somatic Development and Gebser’s Structures of Consciousness


Theory: Trans-AQAL or Alternative Perspective

Honorable Mention
Uma Narayanan, PhD, Learning & Development Practitioner, and Arul Dev, Founder and Director of People First Consultants Private Limited: Fractals of Integral Change



Honorable Mention
Howard Drossman, Catamount Center and Colorado College, and Gaia Shanti, Lectica, Inc., Sirius Ecovillage: Development of an Integral-Motivated Lectical® Ecological Stewardship Assessment

Steve Schein, PhD: Excavating an Eco-psychological Foundation for Deep Sustainability Leadership

Best Posters

Two poster presentations were also selected and awarded $250 apiece:

  • Jennifer Burkhart, Doctoral Candidate, University of Alaska Anchorage: Exploring the Impact of an Integral Model of Self-Care on Clinical Psychology Graduate Students' Wellbeing: A Pilot Study
  • Stephanie Mishevski, PsyD, Graduate of the Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, Chicago: Clinicians' Perceptions of 'Altered' States of Consciousness in Psychotherapy Practice

Honorable Mention
Stephen Brueck, Doctoral Candidate, University of Wisconsin-Madison: Preservice Educators' Interpretations of Their Pedagogical Awareness: An Integrally-Informed Inquiry


Papers from ITC 2013

We are pleased to share with you the following conference proceedings from ITC 2013:

Best Papers

MetaIntegral Foundation selected Best Papers in 10 categories, and with the financial support of our conference sponsors we were able to award a total of $5,500 among the following winners.

Best Upper-Left Quadrant Paper   

Best Upper-Right Quadrant Paper

Best Lower-Right Quadrant Paper

Best Lower-Left Quadrant Paper

Best overall theoretical contribution

Best overall empirical or research contribution

Best constructive criticism of Integral Theory

Best alternative to Integral Theory

Best engagement with Critical Realism

Best engagement with Complex Thought

Best Posters

Two best poster presentations were also awarded at the 2013 Integral Theory Conference.

  • Developing An Approach to Assess the Integral Sustainability of Alkali Pozzolan Cement (Chandana Kulasuriya)

  • Critical Realist Integral Methodological Pluralism (CRIMP) for Interdisciplinary Research in Agroecology (Jack Buchanan)