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The Integral Theory Conference is the single most complete and diverse gathering of integral voices in the world. Nowhere can this be seen more clearly than in our panel discussions:

The "stars" of the integral community - academics and leaders - share a common stage with equally potent "bright lights" of integral from all over the world. We bring them together, in a democratic format, to discuss the most pressing and intriguing issues facing the field and the planet.

In my first year of graduate studies I took a course co-taught by Sean Kelly and Alfonso Montuori, which focused on the evolution of consciousness, planetary culture, and complexity. Ken Wilber’s writings were among the required readings. It was in this course that I encountered the work of French philosopher and sociologist Edgar Morin. We read his Homeland Earth, which had been translated by Sean and in many ways occupies a place in Morin’s corpus similar to Wilber’s A Brief History of Everything.